The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic Preparation:

How can EMS help you to prepare for the PTE Academic exam?

EMS Language Centre can help you achieve good results for the increasingly popular Pearson Test of EnglishAcademic exams. The PTE Academic Preparation classes are conducted by qualified teachers who are also trained to get students familiar with the test format and to teach them specific skills to answer questions correctly.  

 This course breaks down each skill into subskills. For writing and speaking, it might be things like complex sentences, academic tone, coherence and cohesion, or relevancy of responses. For reading and listening, it could be about note-taking, understanding text structure, or identifying key information and supporting points 

This is a comprehensive programme enabling students to have lots of practice in all the different components of PTE Academic. With a small class size, conducted two hours daily, students can expect to be academically guided and acquire practical skills and techniques in a highlyfocussed learning environment. Mock tests will be conducted and students will get individual feedback as well as assessments on writing and speaking. 

Overall, the course will provide:  

  • comprehensive information of the test format 
  • strategies and techniques to approach each test section 
  • listening, reading, writing and speaking practice 
  • authentic practice tests 

What is PTE Academic and why take it? 

  • computer-based English test accepted worldwide by international universities and colleges, in particular Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand 
  • Accepted for migration and work applications around the world. 
  • Since 2016, increasingly being accepted in Malaysia as proof of English language skills for admission into many local and international educational institutions. 
  • Covers the four main skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing, focussing also on grammar, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation. 
  • Flexible exam schedule – you can choose morning, afternoon or evening sessions 
  • Fast test results – available within 48 hours of taking the test.  
  • Unbiased, fair grading by Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Worldwide test centres in over 50 countries. 

The PTE class will help you improve your level of English, whilst preparing you to take the PTE exam. So, regardless of whether or not you want to take the PTE exam, practising these skills is very useful to improve your English. 


The Pearson website can help you locate the institutions by country. Visit ad click on the regions of your choice.

EMS Language Centre, Kuala Lumpur is a registered PTE centre. We can help with exam bookings. You can book online at:

The Standard Price-is MYR 690.00 and the Late Booking Price is MYR 862.5

PTE test centres are located in over 50 countries/regions worldwide. In Malaysia, the following cities providing testing centres: Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Skudai.

PTE is a computer-based exam while IELTS is paper-based, where you read and write your answers on paper. The speaking module of IELTS is conducted face to face while that in PTE is a recorded one. Both are accepted worldwide.

So what are you waiting for?

Find your way to gaining the PTE success today at EMS.

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