Expert advice and support on studying in Malaysia

Application to higher learning institutions (universities) can be made through the EMS Consultation Group. This means those wishing to apply for Universities in Malaysia do not have to go through the difficulty of applying for themselves or going through agents. We are here to help you through the application process from start to end. EMS University Consultancy offers this service at no cost.  

How do we this? 

The contract signed between EMS Language Centre Kuala Lumpur and with over 30 public and private universities and colleges, has enabled us to provide students with expert advice and guidance on university selection, choice of courses, the application process. We open the door of educational opportunities wide for you by providing you with and several options.  Our experienced and dedicated counsellor will help students to apply for range of degree levels including Diploma, Bachelors, and postgraduate programmes for a variety of courses such as Management, Engineering, Information Systems. 

Included in this are also transferred and dual awarded programmes from the U.K such as the University of Greenwich, Cardiff University, the University of Sunderland, Staffordshire University, Birmingham, Glasgow University or from the USA such as Arkansas State University etc.  

We arrange for monthly talks by various universities and colleges.  


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What is provided? 

  • Advice on choice of courses and universities. We help you select the most suitable option. 
  • Advice on required documents for university and visa application 
  • Help with filling in the application forms 
  • Help with visa application 
  • Pick-ups from airport 
  • Help with accommodation search 

Universities that are in collaboration with EMS


EMS Study Australia: 

Expert advice and support on studying in Australia! 

Australia is one of the most highly sought-after destination for international students, after the United States and the UKA growing number of students are choosing to study there  for its quality of education and the diverse experiences the country offers.     

Here at EMS Kuala Lumpur, we offer a free and  comprehensive service to assist students applying to study at universities across Australia. Our knowledgable and experienced educational counsellor will provide advice and tailored guidance, helping you to find the courses and universities that would be the most suitable for you.   

EMS Australia will take you through the application process and guide you through the visa applications. We will help you from start to end with these seven easy steps:

  1. Help and guide on selection process – we help you findthe most suitable education provider to suit your needs and requirements. 
  2. Free online familiriasation sessions. 
  3. Submision of documents to the chosen Education Provider for registration purposes. 
  4. Ensuring applicant’s offer letter and CoE are ready for collection.  
  5. Complimentary advice on Accommodation, Insurance, Student support. 
  6. Assistance with the application form submission. 
  7. A free Pre-Departure Orientation  


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