About EMS Language Centre

EMS is a professional English language centre in bustling Kuala Lumpur, offering the highest academic standards in learning. We provide English courses to meet different learning goals and aspirations in efficient and enjoyable ways in multi-cultural Malaysia.

Our international team of qualified staff provides full support all the way from enrolment to graduation to help you gain confidence and success. We prepare you for university admission globally, as well as help improve your career prospects and general communication skills.




 One of the biggest challenges of running an English language centre is to constantly ensure that we maintain our professional standards and create the perfect learning environment for international students of diverse backgrounds aspiring to succeed in their education and career globally.

At EMS, we take pride in consistently providing quality English language training in a truly inspiring and fun environment to help you achieve your individual goals – whether it is English for academic, business or social purpose, we understand your needs and can help you get there!  And where better to study than in multi-cultural Malaysia, where English is widely spoken!

Year in and year out, we have succeeded in helping a growing number of students from the Asian, Middle-Eastern regions and beyond to improve their communication skills and create new opportunities for their future. They come to us not just for our vast experience in English language training, but for the passion we have shown in enabling students to improve their chances of gaining access to better jobs or entering university. In choosing EMS, you not only learn the language but also ensure a band of 6.5 in your IELTS. Our education counsellors will assist you to enrol at reputed universities in Malaysia, Canada, Australia and Europe. We help you pave the way towards academic success.

At EMS Malaysia, we believe that learning can be made simple and fun without compromising on professional standards. We are passionate about creating a warm and friendly environment and in upholding strong social values that respect cultural diversity and promote good relationships.

Our experienced and dedicated instructors maintain a healthy balance of academic rigour, fun, and humour in and outside the classroom. You will enjoy participating in our highly interactive classes, which are kept at an optimum number of under twelve students per class so that students can receive the attention they deserve.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to study English at EMS, Malaysia, rest assured that you will be getting full support from our strong team of TESOL/TEFL qualified instructors and administration staff. To us, every student is an individual, every learner matters!


Established in 2011, EMS Language Center was founded on a strong principle of creating excellence in the provision of English language learning and education in Malaysia. Its parent company, Citinetics Sdn. Bhd. which became known as Tetuan Citinetics Sdn. Bhd. in 2011, has been a prominent player in the educational field and a strong proponent of lifelong learning for many years. Since 2003, Citinetics Sdn. Bhd.has been opening up pathways to learning, organizing and managing classes, workshops, seminars, and degree programs for vocational purposes in Kuala Lumpur.

EMS language center was set up in response to the increasing demand for English language training within the region. At the core if its operation is the push to make learning English simple, offering opportunities for everyone to acquire and master the use of the English Language locally and internationally in the most efficient and stimulating way. It aims to inspire success in individuals looking to upgrade their English language skills and meet their academic and real life expectations.


EMS is your key to improving your English language proficiency. If you are keen to speak, write, listen and interact better in English, and/ or gain qualifications that will get you further academically, EMS is the place to help you achieve this in a most effective way. Learning English could not be simpler or more straight-forward! Here, we create practical and simple learning pathways that enable you to acquire and improve your communication skills more efficiently and make progress in good time. Using standard course books, high-tech solutions and regular interactive activities in and outside the classroom, our instructors guide and motivate you to make the most of your learning experience in Kuala Lumpur.

At EMS, there is a healthy mix of formal and informal learning, while tests are conducted regularly to ensure you are on the right track and to help you aspire to move on to the next level. Additionally, we encourage real-life learning, engaging students in outdoor activities as part of their lessons. EMS is strategically positioned for this purpose, being located in the centre of KL, where a number of cultural and leisure attractions are within walking distance. So you can have fun while you study English, and enjoy your new experiences in Malaysia at the same time! Learning English away from the classrooms is very popular among students, who often request for more, in addition to the extra-curricular activities we offer!

Upon completion of your studies at EMS, you will have a better chance of gaining entry into any College and University, locally or abroad. Our professional and impartial staff will ensure that EMS students can gain entry into either Foundation level (upon completion of Level 8) or BSC, MSC level (upon completion of Level 10). EMS has been acknowledged and accredited as a prestigious learning centre by highly reputable private universities in Malaysia, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Further Information regarding the application and admission services into universities can be found by either going to our University Consulting webpage or by clicking on this link: University Consultancy Service.

TESOL / TEFL certified

Our instructors are TESOL/TEFL certified and are experienced in teaching English as a second/ foreign language.
They are passionate about teaching and dedicated to creating a stimulating and creative learning environment to ensure students receive the best learning experience which produces great results.

Effective Teaching

Learning according to their level of proficiency.
Small classes where students will have full attention of the instructors. Extra guidance where they can discuss with the tutor the problems they encounter and find the solutions together.

Effective Learning

Internationally-recognized teaching materials for an effective learning experience. Learning through a varied and comprehensive learning process, involving student-centred activities such as crossword puzzles, role-play, conversational exercises, skimming and scanning games, helping them to improve all aspects of communications skills and develop critical thinking and analytical skills using the English language.

IELTS Preparation

Prepare students to meet the English proficiency required at tertiary education worldwide. At Level 10 of our course, the proficiency of students will be equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 511-529.

Our Core Philosophy & Values

Every learner matters to us and every learning experience, whether it is inside or outside the classroom, matters to every learner.

Our Vision

To be an extensive, comprehensive and efficient provider of high-quality English language programs which produce quality results, relevant for achieving excellence in communication for academic, professional and social purposes.

Our Mission

To unlock every learner’s potential of mastering the English language and to respond to the challenges of making English language learning truly simple!