Our History:
The EMS Language Centre (English Made Simple) was founded by Citinetics Sdn. Bhd. to provide English-learning programmes for local and international students at all levels and for all purposes. Its courses are designed to help learners upgrade their English language skills relevant to their personal, professional and academic needs.

With its excellent track record in organising and managing classes, workshops, seminars, and vocational programmes for more than 30 years, Citinetics Sdn. Bhd. set up EMS in 2011 with the aim of making English-language learning as simple and enjoyable as possible. Lessons are delivered by a team of qualified, experienced native and non-native teachers using a range of interactive and stimulating approach.

Our Core Philosophy & Values:
Every learner matters to us and every learning experience, whether it is inside or outside the classroom, matters to every learner.

Our Vision:
To be an extensive, comprehensive, and efficient provider of high-quality English language programs that produce quality results, relevant to achieving excellence in communication for academic, professional, and social purposes.

Our Mission:
To unlock every learner’s potential to master the English language and to respond to the challenges of making English language learning truly simple!

A government-registered language centre:
An international language centre in Kuala Lumpur, EMS is approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE). Registered under the Education Act 1996 Certificate of Registration, it is located in the heart of the capital city, within walking distance of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

A popular choice with students from many countries particularly those from the South-East Asian, Central Asian, Middle-Eastern and North African regions, EMS is licensed by the Immigration Affairs Division of the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) to enrol international students. According to Malaysian law, only public or private Malaysian institutions under the jurisdiction of either the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Home Affairs can undertake admissions of international students.

Pre-Admission Procedures:
English Made Simple abides by the Malaysian government regulations relating to the enrolment of international students. To ensure that you obtain your visa approval as soon as possible, our experienced staff will help you through the initial processes, using the officially approved services of the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). Submission of applications through EMGS is a requirement of the Ministry of Education.

EMGS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. Established in 2012, it is a premier agency responsible for the promotion of Malaysia as a leading education destination and is responsible for all international student applications. Student Pass applications are to be made solely through EMGS and the company assists educational institutions with these processes.

EMS follows the rules and procedures stipulated by the Ministry of Education. Once applications and the relevant documents are received, the centre will first offer letters of acceptance to students. Then, it will help students to apply for their Student Pass through the EMGS website at www.educationmalaysia.gov.my.

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An International Experience:                                                                                                                  When you choose to study English at English Made Simpleyou are joining a vibrant international language centre with its family of students, teachers and professionals from all over the world.  

Expect a diverse and stimulating educational experience at EMS, not just from the opportunities you get in meeting different nationalities, but from learning a wide range of language skills with qualified, internationally experienced native and non-native Englishspeaking teachers 

Language Programmes for all and for every purpose:                                
Our English language programmes are designed to suit every purpose of learning, be it personal, professional or academic. They are conducted in small classes and provide: 

  • equal attention towards Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening 
  • a strong emphasis on Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation teaching 
  • opportunities for interaction and engagement both in and outside the classroom 
  • a complete learning experience using online learning platforms 
  • opportunities to learn a range of skills relevant to different situations  
  • one-to-one coaching for those needing individual lessons 

Our Courses – Varied, Fun, Relevant:

  1. Intensive General English:

    general English lessons for personal everyday use, for professional or for academic purposes.

  2. English Booster:

    A great programme for lower level students to increase confidence in conversing and exchanging ideas

  3. Speaking Course:

    opportunities for lots of speaking practice, with Q&A sessions, role plays and situational interactions. Great for improving fluency.

  4. Writing Course:

    A programme to help you upgrade your writing skills by learning a variety of writing techniques and styles such academic writing as well as formal and informal writing.

  5. English for Work

    A course to help you communicate better at work, teaching you specific English language skills needed at the workplace and the business environment.

  6. IELTS Preparation:

    Discover learning strategies and skills and get practice tests to equip you for the IELTS exam. Learn how to achieve the desired score.

  7. PTE Preparation:

    A preparatory course for the Pearson Test of English, an English proficiency test which is accepted by universities, colleges and governments worldwide.

  8. Summer Camp:

    A truly international experience with over 30 nationalities attending the summer language classes to upgrade their English language skills in a very stimulating environment packed with activities.

Our Teachers:  

  • Qualified native and non-native speaking instructors with years of teaching experience 
  • Hold Teaching Permits issued by the Ministry of Education 

Our Materials – International & Up-to-date: 

  • The latest and most relevant internationally-recognised course books  
  • A comprehensive range of listening, writing, reading and speaking materials 
  • Varied on-line and interactive language platforms 

Our Facilities: 

  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Language Lab  
  • Library
  • Events Hall 
  • Prayer Room 

Our Consultation Services: 

  • Free service to students needing advice and guidance on Malaysian and international university applications 
  • EMS Study Australia – free consultation covering all aspects of university or college studies in Australia.  

The Extra Things we do: 

  • Cool Fridays – trips, sports, fun activities 
  • Celebrate special multi-cultural events and special dates  
  • Charity work – all-round participation of the EMS family  
  • Help with finding accommodation 

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Study English in Malaysia? Of course, you should!  And here’s why:

  1. Great location:

    Malaysia is located in the heart of South East Asia. Travelling to and from the country could not be easier from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). A leading aviation hub in Asia, it is one of the top 15 busiest airport for international traffic, serving more than 120 direct destinations. Malaysia is a good starting point from which you can explore the region and beyond.

  2. International standard of education:

    There is a great choice of internationally-recognised universities here. Educational institutions are regulated and monitored by the Malaysian government through educational legislation enforcement to ensure quality. Twinning programmes with the UK, USA, Australia and Canada offer students accredited degrees at a number of universities, where most courses are conducted in English. The QS Best Student Cities notes that Malaysia is fast becoming one of Southeast Asia’s leading study destinations.

  3. A vibrant, multi–cultural environment:

    Home to a multi-ethnic population of Malays, Chinese and Indians, Malaysia is a place of great diversity. With a rich multicultural environment, diverse lifestyles, traditional and religious practices are enjoyed across the country in the spirit of peace and unity. Apart from the different local ethnic groups, international students and visitors also contribute to the vibrant cultural environment, so that English is used extensively in both personal and business communications.

  4. Modern, Historical and Natural:

    Malaysia is a land of contrast, characterised by super-modern skyscrapers and luxurious shopping malls as well as fascinating natural environment within easy reach of the city. Beautifully landscaped by tropical rainforests, rugged mountains, exotic islands with their ancient reefs and stunning beaches, it is a popular tourist destination with many new commercial, infrastructural and technological developments.

  5. Affordability:

    Course fees and living expenses are reasonable enough in Malaysia to enable students to have a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. According to The QS Best Student Cities 2018, Kuala Lumpur is the world’s second most affordable student city, with the cost of living and tuition fees in the local currency being at least half, if not two-thirds cheaper compared to countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore and Canada.

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Malaysia offers a good learning environment and diverse cultural and social experiences for international students. Being here for the first time, you will be stimulated by the vibrant cultures and stimulating adventures you can explore across the country. To get the most of your time in Malaysia, here are some tips to help you throughout your stay here.


Banking services in Malaysia are extensive. There are many local and international banks throughout the country and students from abroad can open bank accounts at a number of banks here. And if you are unsure or worried about procedures and requirements, rest assured that our student advisors are always available to help you open a bank account.


All international students are required under Malaysian law to have an insurance during their stay in the country. EMS have advisors who will help you with any claims that you may need to make. Insurance fees are added to your tuition fees.


What clothes to bring? Malaysia can be blistering hot many days in a year. So, if you want to avoid getting sunburn, wear loose fitting clothes that cover your shoulders or skirts that drop below the knee which will help you minimise sunburn and keep cool. Bearing in mind the humidity, make sure you wear something light. You may also feel more culturally comfortable if you avoid wearing revealing clothes on the streets.

If visiting mosques and temples (Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh), it would be handy to have a scarf to cover your hair and wear a skirt instead of pants. Places of worship popular with tourists, such as the Putrajaya and Jamek mosques in Kuala Lumpur, usually have scarves and “robes” for visitors, which you can borrow for your visit. Most places pf worships expect you to remove your footwear before entering them, so if you are visiting any, make sure you wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off.

Drinking water

Is tap water safe to drink in Malaysia? Studies have shown that the level of selected minerals in Malaysian tap water is generally below permitted levels. This basically means that the water running through the pipes is actually safe to consume.  However, the government travel website advises against consuming tap water, fountain drinks and ice cubes. https://www.malaysia.travel/en/nl/about-malaysia/practical-info/health-and-safety

Most people tend to boil water or get water purifiers set up in their homes to make sure that water for consumption is filtered. People also buy mineral water and there are many brands to choose from.

As the sun is strong throughout the year, the government also advises drinking plenty of fluids to replace salt loss and to avoid dehydration. 


Malaysia is a food paradise. There is an array of eating places from street stalls, cafes, to international restaurants. Generally, food hygiene is good. Make the most of your time in Malaysia to experience the different types of food. Local food is either, Malay, Indian, Chinese or Punjabi and these differ in styles and tastes. The range of international food from Arabic to Mexican is also plentiful.

Stay away from substance abuse

Malaysia has strict rules against illicit drug use. So, avoid it at any cost.