Intensive General English (IGE) – your ticket to a promising future! 

Learning English can be simple and fun!

Are you looking to improve your general English language skills? Or, is English something totally new to you? Whatever your level of skills and understanding of this international language, our Intensive General English (IGE) is the perfect way to start your English learning journey. Why? Because it designed to suit every level of language development. This is a multi-level course that makes learning language simple for all!

So, whether you are aiming to get into an international university, get a better job, build your own business or travel the world, IGE is your ticket to the future.

Who is IGE for? 

It is for anyone and everyone interested in the English languageIt does not matter if you are a Starter with almost zero knowledge of Englisha mid-level learner who learnt English a long time ago, or a professional taking time off work to improve your English for work purposesWhatever your background and wherever you are at the language ladder, the Intensive General English course is designed to meet your different learning requirements and aspirations. It is for adult learners who want to upgrade their English language skills for personal, professional or academic reasons. 

What can you get from IGE?  

  • Six hours a day of class time 
  • Focus on Grammar Pronunciation & Vocabulary 
  • Intensive Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening practice 
  • On-line interactive English language platforms  
  • Fully interactive and enjoyable lessons within a relaxed and supportive environment 
  • Up-to-date materials  
  • IT and library facilities to support learning 
  • Small classes of up to a maximum of 12 students per class 
  • Qualified, internationally experienced teachers 
  • Consultation time with teachers 
  • Regular monitoring through classwork and homework 
  • Social and inter-cultural activities for students’ enjoyment and learning development 


Yes, you can! Please fill in the enrolment form or apply online and along with it, please send us the first months’ tuition fee.

You do not have to state what level you need to apply for? We will help you with this with the help of a specially designed he placement test. You sit for this test prior to your entry to the centre. The test results will ensure that you are placed at the most appropriate level for you. These different levels, starting from Starter to Upper Intermediate will ensure that you progress and gain confidence at every step. In no time, you will be going up the language ladder, seeing for yourself, how much your English language skills and proficiency have improved!

At each level you will be tested twice to determine your progress – the Mid-term exam and the Final exam. These exams will check your understanding of grammar as well as your writing, listening and reading skills at your current level. The collective scores of the Mid-Term and Final exams will determine if you can move on to the next level. You must obtain at least 70 per cent to go to the next level. If you fail, you will have to repeat the current level. This is not a bad thing, but a good way to ensure that you are ready to study one step higher. In cases where a student scores 98 per cent and above, he or she can take the jump test, so that he can skip one level and move on further up.

We have additional classes for you to practice speaking, reading, writing and lessons which take place before or after your regular classes, in the morning or afternoon. Besides this, we have a library from which you can borrow story books that will help you improve your vocabulary and reading skills. Apart from this, our events hall is a place for you to play games and interact with your international colleagues in English. We also arrange outdoor activities, trips and celebratory events around various festivals, where students are encouraged to participate and do presentations relating to their individual cultures and traditions. Overall, because we are one of the most international English language centres in Malaysia, you will find lots of opportunities to make friends with different nationalities and converse in English daily.

So what are you waiting for?

Find your way to gaining the IGE success today at EMS.

Come and Learn, Practise and Achieve!

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