Intensive General English (IGE)

Learning English the fun and effective way, whatever your goals!

The EMS Intensive General English course is your important first step to learning English. This comprehensive course will benefit you, even if you have had little or irregular exposure to English learning. This very popular course will allow you to gain further language skills, through theory and practice.
The IGE course is designed to build your confidence. What a better way to learn English than by intensive learning activities and the undivided attention from your teachers. We understand that to maximize your learning you require an extensive amount of support and practice in order to progress fast. We have made our IGE classes small so that there will be lots of opportunities for every student to practice speaking, writing, reading and listening in and outside the class during educational trips.

You will benefit from this program if:

  • your placement test places you within the beginner to elementary level.
  • you wish to achieve the most in English language learning in a short period.
  • you want a longer stay in Malaysia while learning this language.
  • you want to spend your time and energy learning in a classroom environment with all the facilities to enhance your learning.

What the IGE course offers – Small Classes & Lots of Fun!

You have made the right choice to study English in sunny Malaysia and you want the best start possible right? You want to see good results and you need to see them fast! We understand this, so we keep our classes small to make sure you receive full attention from our experienced and dedicated teachers. Most of all, we know what it takes to make studying English simple, fun and above all, productive. Our courses are popular because of this!
So here is what you can expect at the start of your learning journey with the IGE course:
  • 120 classroom hours a month, packed with interactive activities.
  • Small number of students per class, not exceeding 12.
  • Full lessons covering a range of communication skills, providing plenty of opportunities to help you improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
  • Opportunities to combine general, academic, and professional English.
  • Well-planned and structured, yet highly interactive and enjoyable lessons within a relaxed, flexible and supportive learning environment.
  • Maximum contact hours with qualified and experienced international and local instructors.

Maximum Class Size : 10-12 Students per class
(Intensive and focus-based class)