Time: 35 minutes
40 Questions

This online exam will have 3 parts:

1- In part one, you need to answer 40 questions in 35 minutes. This part does not have any negative marks.

2- In part two, you need to do a piece of writing in 35 minutes.

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    Question 6-11

    Read the text below about surfing and answer questions 6 – 11.


    Surfing is often connected with places like Hawaii, Australia and California because of its history, but there are good surfing beaches all over the world, including here in the UK. I went to Cradle Beach in the South West to learn to surf.

    The first thing I had to learn about was the board. Surfboards can be pretty expensive, so I decided to hire one while I found out whether I liked the sport or not. The first surfboards were made from wood but they’re usually made from a lighter modern material called fiberglass now. As a beginner, my surf school hired me a board made of foam. This material is soft and light, so it’s perfect for your first board.

    I also had to get myself a wetsuit. If you are surfing in the UK, you should not try the sport without one. It keeps you nice and warm, even when the water’s at its coldest. You can also get gloves and socks to wear in the water if you suffer from cold hands and feet. I did! I also had a ‘leash’. This is a cord that is fixed to your board at one end and you wrap the other end around your ankle so that the board is always attached to you in the water. This means that when you fall off your board, you’ll always be able to get back on it easily. Being hit by a surfboard in the waves can be painful, so you should always watch where your board is very carefully, especially if there are other surfers near you in the water.

    When you watch other people surfing, it looks easy – it is not! I found it very hard at the beginning of my week of lessons but great fun. I have already booked another week’s surfing here for next summer.

    6. What does the writer say about surfing beaches?

    7. The writer used a surfboard made of

    8. The writer says that in the UK you should wear a wetsuit

    9. In the third paragraph the writer says you should be careful

    10. What does the writer say in the final paragraph?

    11. What is the best title for this text?

    Question 12

    Question 13

    What time is the train going to depart?

    Question 14

    Question 15

    Question 16

    Question 17-21

    Read the text below and answer questions 17 – 21.

    The Importance Of Trees

    Trees are wonderful to look at and their changing colours (17) ...... the seasons. Tall and timeless, they have for millions of years been memorable features of the Earth’s scenery. On a worldwide scale, forests help to reduce global warming by taking in carbon dioxide but, at the local level, trees also bring great environmental benefits. In hot weather, they (18) ...... shade and shelter while, when it rains, they (19) ......the water and help to prevent the soil being (20) ......away. Above all, however, it is the ‘permanence’ of the trees that is one of their most attractive characteristics; nothing on Earth lives longer than a tree - many big trees on our streets are (21) ......a century old






    Question 22-27

    Read the text below about a young racing driver and answer questions 22 – 27.

    Racing Driver

    Carrie Wilson became a racing driver when she was six years old. She was given a radio- controlled car for her birthday. She entered competitions with it and finished second in a national championship the following year. She was proud that she was winning races against adults. She loved the excitement of travelling to events, and her father thought that she had a natural talent for motor sport.

    The next thing Carrie tried was racing go-karts – miniature cars with engines. She was given a go-kart for her eighth birthday and she won races in different countries. On her tenth birthday, she was given a picture of the famous Brazilian 1970s Formula One champion Emerson Fittipaldi and told her parents, ‘One day I want to drive as fast as him.’

    Carrie’s parents said they would support her racing career as long as she worked hard at school. She was good at most sports, and represented her school as a basketball player. Her teachers said she was a born champion. She spent every spare minute at competitions or sports training, so it wasn’t easy for her to do her homework, but she managed to make some progress in most subjects.

    When she was seventeen Carrie moved on to full-size racing cars. Although it was clear that she was going to have a great future in the sport as a professional driver, she would need to have some help with money if she wanted to continue in the long term. When she left school, her father gave up his job so that he could train her. Before long, Carrie started winning championships and one team called her with an offer, but she decided she wasn’t ready.

    Carrie is only 23, but is becoming well known. The cars she drives are getting faster, and she’s competing against people who have been driving much longer than her. She makes money from her successes, and her father is now her full-time manager. She needs him to look after her in a tough profession.

    In spite of her success, Carrie admits she still has a lot to do. ‘I watch the great drivers, and read about them,’ she says. ‘Some people blame the car if they lose a race, but I know for me it’s usually because I do something wrong. When I make mistakes, I think about them and discuss them with my trainer. That’s the only way forward

    22. When Carrie Wilson took part in competitions for radio-controlled cars,

    23. According to the second paragraph, Carrie hoped

    24. What does the third paragraph say about Carrie’s time at school?

    25. What happened as soon as Carrie left school?

    26. What does the fifth paragraph say about Carrie’s situation now?

    27. In the final paragraph, what does Carrie say about her progress?

    Question 28-40

    28. Dina ............ have gone to the concert if she had not felt so tired.

    29. Sam ............ to play for the local football team next year.

    30. Helena ............ that we went out for a meal.

    31. She kindly offered to ............ me the way to the station.

    32. It was ............ an exciting football match that the fans ran on to the pitch.

    33. The special deal is only valid until the end of the week, so ............ advantage of it while you can.

    34. My family ............ of six people.

    35. Advertisements are required not to give a misleading ............ .

    36. I applied for a very interesting job but was turned ............ .

    37. I’m afraid we’ll have to walk up the stairs, as the elevator is out of ............ .

    38. All the children enjoyed going to school ............ from Harry.

    39. Although she was ............ disappointed to lose the game, she didn’t show it.

    40. The only way we managed to open the coffee jar was with ............ force.


    You have 35 minutes to complete the writing section. Please complete it as fully as you can. Write full sentences and paragraphs if you can. Remember to proof-read your work before you submit. It's important to check everything.

    Write about the best day of your life.

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    - When was it?

    - Where were you?

    - Who were you with?

    - What happened that day?

    - Why was it the best day of your life?

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