EMS Summer Camp 2019

Every year, especially during the summer season, Malaysia, a country located in the South East Asia welcomes many tourists and students from many diverse parts of the world. Being a multi-cultural and English speaking country, has made Malaysia a great destination for students to improve their English. EMS Language Centre has been in the educational industry for more than a decade. A team of professional experts, experienced and native, qualified and certified teachers have gathered from different nationalities to create a wonderful and unforgettable environment for students with variety of cultures and backgrounds. Every year, during the summer season, EMS Language Centre warmly welcomes students from different parts of the world such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and etc. Multi-cultural text materials, along with multi-national students and teachers, enable students to learn and enjoy a high-quality education to best suit their future language needs and career opportunities.

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For the EMS Summer Camp in 2019, EMS Language Centre will have 3 different intakes (June, July, and August 2019). Students are strictly required to register for the EMS Summer Camp 15 days before their desired arrival time to Malaysia.

Project Details

Academic part

  • Exciting educational activities with emphasis on Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills.
  • Certificate of program completion from EMS Language Centre and Education Malaysia.
  • An educational workshop with certificate of completion from high rank universities. Program Description
  • One full month fun-filled program.
  • All four (4) major language skills will be covered every day in the first four hours. Plus, two hours of Extra Learning Activities (ELA). (Total of 6 hours instruction per day.)
  • The classes will be provided five days a week from Monday to Friday
  • Certificate of completion will be given at the end of the program.
  • Each class will enjoy 3 different instructors.
  • Field-trip activities to improve language skills through kinesthetic learning.
  • Students will enjoy sightseeing and city tours on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Accommodation will be provided for all Summer Camp students for the duration of their stay.
  • Accommodation can be reached 1 days prior to the beginning of each intake.
  • Breakfast and Lunch will be provided every day.
  • A T-shirt with EMS Language Centre Summer Camp logo will be given to every student.
  • A Malaysian sim-card will be given to each student to ease their contact with their families.
  • An educational workshop with certificate of completion.
  • Arrival pick-ups and Drop-off will be provided for each students.
  • Graduation ceremony.


All the students will be accommodated in EMS provided rooms. Cleaning services and 24 hour security will be provided. Student can use the public transportation, LRT and other ways to reach to EMS Language Centre within 15 minutes. Use of the accommodation will begin 1 day before each intake and will continue until 1 day after the program end date.


  • Sharing apartment
  • Two (2) students in one apartment
  • Single rooms with individual bathroom
  • Smoking free rooms
  • Weekly cleaning services
  • Swimming pool rules will apply
  • Gym and facility rules will apply

Classic Package

Hotel Apartment

Platinum Package

Hotel Apartment


  • This program and quotation is valid for mentioned intakes only.
  • You are required to confirm and fulfill all the needed details. Details should include a complete flight itinerary and full name of the person joining the tour.
  • EMS Language Centre has the right to reject a student’s application to the tour, if the student is suffering from any physical or psychological problems.
  • EMS Language Centre reserves the right to charge a student who engages in vandalism.
  • EMS Language Centre reserves the right to expel students found guilty of misconduct. The student will then be asked to leave the school premises and his/her accommodation as soon as possible, and all responsibilities will be on the student.
  • Terms and conditions remain valid until the date and time agreed upon expires.
  • In case of a student being below 18 years of age, he or she is required to carry a consent form from his or her parents or guardians.
  • Students must confirm and make the first payment of MYR 1000.00 at least 15 – 30 days prior to the intake date.
  • In case of cancelation, the first payment of MYR 1000.00, will be not refundable.