Learning English the fun way in Kuala Lumpur.

Summer brings many international English language students to Malaysia and a popular choice is the EMS Language Centre in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Located in the heart of the city, within walking distance of the world-renowned KLCC and Petronas Twin Towers, EMS offers the popular Summer Camp that has, for many years, attracted students from countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China, Korea, Iran, Bahrain, Libya, Algeria and Mauritania. 

As in previous years, the EMS Summer Camp 2023 offers you an opportunity to learn English in a highly international environment. This is a great opportunity to learn English in a very fun, interactive and simple way and make friends with students from all over the world!

Lessons are being taught by a team of highly qualified and experienced native and non-native speaking teachers. Learning and practicing a range of skills including, speaking, reading, writing and listening, you will also be engaging in a number of exciting activities outside the classroom, exploring parts of Malaysia and taking part in numerous adventurous trips and sports.

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    Details of package:

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    For the EMS Summer Camp in 2023, EMS Language Centre will have 3 different intakes (June, July, and August 2023). Students are strictly required to register for the EMS Summer Camp 15 days before their desired arrival time to Malaysia.




    What do you get on the Summer Camp?


    • Four hours a day class time from Monday to Friday for a period of one month
    • Mid-Term and Final Exams (with certificates provided)
    • Extra two-hour  Speaking classes
    • A comprehensive program with an emphasis on Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills.
    • Three highly qualified and experienced native and non-native speaking teachers for each class
    • A variety of tasks, assignments and interactive classroom activities
    • Online interactive English language platforms 
    • Fully interactive and enjoyable lessons within a relaxed and supportive environment
    • Up-to-date coursebook, workbook and CD
    • IT and library facilities to support learning

    Certification, Workshops:

    • Certificate of programme completion from EMS Language Centre and Education Malaysia.

    Trips and Adventure:

    • Beach fun – Langkawi Island (3 days, 2 nights plus flight)
    • Cool mountains – Genting Highlands & Chin Sew Temple
    • Travel to Port Dickson (2 days, 1 night)
    • Outdoor recreation – Sunway Lagoon Theme Park 
    • Sightseeing – Kuala Lumpur city tour and Visit Batu Cave
    • Shopping – Genting Highland and Sky World Theme Park


    • Accommodation is provided throughout the Summer Camp 
    • Accommodation is valid one day prior to the start of the intake date
    • Each student will have his own private room 
    • Single rooms with individual bathroom
    • Daily cleaning services
    • 24-hour security service
    • Swimming pool 
    • Gym and facility 
    • Within 20 minutes of walking distance to EMS Language Centre
    • Accessible by public transport to KLCC station. Regular buses.

    Other Provisions:

     1. Provided at no extra cost:

    • Maxis Sim card
    • Lunch  for 30 days
    • Free EMS T-shirt
    • Travel Insurance
    • Graduation Ceremony and dinner

     2. Optional – at Extra charges:

    • Daily transport to school
    • Dinner for 30 days
    • Extra nights at Accommodation

    Summer Camp Hotel



    • This program and quotation is valid for mentioned intakes only.
    • You are required to confirm and fulfill all the needed details. Details should include a complete flight itinerary and full name of the person joining the tour.
    • EMS Language Centre has the right to reject a student’s application to the tour, if the student is suffering from any physical or psychological problems.
    • EMS Language Centre reserves the right to charge a student who engages in vandalism.
    • EMS Language Centre reserves the right to expel students found guilty of misconduct. The student will then be asked to leave the school premises and his/her accommodation as soon as possible, and all responsibilities will be on the student.
    • Terms and conditions remain valid until the date and time agreed upon expires.
    • In case of a student being below 18 years of age, he or she is required to carry a consent form from his or her parents or guardians.
    • Students must confirm and make the first payment of MYR 1000.00 at least 15 – 30 days prior to the intake date.
    • In case of cancelation, the first payment of MYR 1000.00, will be not refundable.

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