English for Work (EFW) Programme

Learn Business communication skills at EMS Language Centre or at your business premises.

Proficiency in the English language is important to ensure you are successful at work or in your business. The EMS English for Work (EFW) is specifically designed to enable you to develop and improve the English language skills and approaches needed for various work and business situations and requirements. It is a specialised programme which differs from General English as it provides English coaching which targets the language used in the world of work and business.

Here at EMS Language Centre, we offer English for Work (EFW) to help students increase their chances of getting a job both locally and internationally, or simply to improve their business communication skills in English. Our team of highly experienced teachers provide expert coaching on how to speak and write appropriately, concisely and effectively at the workplace or in the business arena, covering a broad range of topics.

The course offers interactive activities, tasks and assignments aimed at increasing awareness of tone and style in various contexts such as meetings, presentations and networking opportunities. In order to do this, we use role plays, case studies and your own personal experiences.

What can you expect to learn on the course? 

This is a comprehensive course that addresses many aspects of business, enabling you to learn and practise specific skills needed to: 

  • Introduce your company and your role 
  • Make arrangements, suggestions and requests 
  • Write effective emails and reports  
  • Negotiate contracts, schedules or pricing 

Our qualified and experienced native and non-native-speaking teachers deliver two-hour daily lessons at EMS. 

The EFW Customised Business English Programme

Need a customised Business English programme that delivers specific results for your company? No problem! Our qualified and experienced team of Business English instructors will design and deliver bespoke courses to meet your specific business targets. What’s more, these customised classes can be delivered at your business premises, giving your company a more conducive environment and an efficient learning experience!

We understand that every company has its own individual needs, issues and targets. So, first of all, we provide you with a consultation service where we can discuss your specific requirements. From here, we can mutually agree on a unique plan of a Business English course for your company. Through a placement test, we will ensure that the programme we offer will meet the skill levels of your workforce.

Our customised classes are designed to meet specific commercial and corporate demands, providing training to develop the business communication skills needed to empower and elevate the performance of your workforce.

What do you get from the EMS English for Work (EFW) course? 

  • A highly trained and experienced team of Business English instructors 
  • A small classroom teaching environment 
  • Participatory learning to fully engage and involve learners through role play 
  • Specialized materials and motivational teaching method to enhance language exposure and learning 

What specific skills will participants learn?  

This is a comprehensive package that helps to develop the four main communications skills, of speaking, reading, writing and listening. This means that participants get to practice a variety of tasks, from writing emails to making presentations, relevant to the industry or company needs. They will learn specific terminologies, expressions and etiquette relevant to the business world. The emphasis will be on: 

  • Telephone etiquette 
  • Socialising while at work  
  • Writing emails and formal letters   
  • Chairing and participating in meetings  
  • Negotiating  
  • Giving presentations   
  • Chart analysis 

The EMS English for Work (EFW) is a great investment for your company. It is designed with you in mind and delivered at your convenience!   

Our teachers come from a diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds. Hence, they have the knowledge and expertise to design business modules that meet your company’s precise requirements. 

The English for Work (EFW) programme under our Business English courses is approved by the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) and is HRDF-claimable. 

We have successfully run Business English language programmes for a broad range of industry sectors. Recent clients we have worked with include companies such as: 

EBS Education Group, Maslow Training & Consultants, Edufly, EBS Education Group, The Beer Factory, Sirva worldwide Relocation & Moving, among others.  

Click here if you are looking for professional Business English courses or in-house training to develop your employees to meet your specific corporate needs in real work situations. 


General English and Business English serve different purposes. If you are looking to improve your job prospects, especially internationally, or want to be more successful at work, General English would not be sufficient to help you achieve your goals. English For Work (EFW) enables you to acquire the formal and specialised language skills needed in the business context, which General English does not provide for. Specifically, you get to learn more about delivering in English within a professional context, such as writing reports, emails and making presentations. You learn specific language skills, techniques and approaches which will give you the ability and confidence to apply for jobs on the wider local and international market as well as to perform better if you are already employed, or to improve your business outcomes.

So what are you waiting for?

Find your way to gaining the EFW success today at EMS.

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