Writing Course: 

Forms, functions and styles – getting it right at EMS! 

Many English language students find writing challenging. It is not uncommon to find learners worrying about writing assignments, finding it difficult to express themselves on paper. It is for these reasons that the EMS Language Centre (English Made Simple) has professionally designed a Writing Course aimed at helping students build their confidence to write well in English. 

Offered to students at the Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels, the Writing course is delivered by our highly qualified and experienced native and non-native English-speaking teachers. It is a comprehensive daily programme aimed at developing student’s writing techniques and critical thinking skills for academic success.  

Lessons are conducted two hours daily and the course provides students with a number of interactive and collaborative activities. These different tasks would enable students to improve their writing skills through individual, pair and team work. Lesson components and tasks are varied and they help to develop creative and critical thinking as tools for strengthening students’ writing abilities.

What do you get on the course? 

Students will learn and practice different types of writing. These include email, report and letter-writing; essays and reviews. They be taught various writing techniques that will develop their formal, informal and creative writing skills to give opinion or present an argument. Overall, they will:  

  • Learn to Brainstorm 
  • Write proper introductions  
  • Writparagraphs 
  • Write conclusions 
  • Proof-read & edit 
  • Communicate clearly and effectively 
  • Expand and use academic vocabulary 


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