Online Intensive General English (OIGE) at EMS Language Centre:
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English language opens up a world of opportunities!  No doubt, the quickest and the most cost-effective way to acquire useful communication skills in English today is to choose online learning! And that’s what we are here for – the excellent online EMS English Online General English language programme that is fun, interactive, effective, affordable and convenient to join!

Our online language course is a flexible way to acquire and master the English language without leaving the comfort of your home. Packed with interactive activities, games and quizzes, it is delivered by a team of qualified and experienced native and non-native teachers from countries such as the UK, America, Australia, Hungary, Mauritius, Malaysia and Iran.  

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You will get a high level of tutoring, guidance and feedback from your online tutors throughout the course.  What’s more, you will share your learning experience with students from many regions, including Asia, the Middle East and Africa. So, here’s an inexpensive way of meeting the world online and to converse in English with an interesting group of other international learners without leaving your country!

We teach adults and children from the age of ten. Whether you are a Starter, eager to start speaking English for the first time, or an advanced learner, interested in sitting for the IELTs exams, we offer all levels of language learning to suit your entry-level capacity and learning needs. There are 13 levels and each level covers a to total 60 hours of learning over 18 days five days in week Monday to Friday.

Your progression to the next level is determined by your performance and achievements throughout the course. These are dependent on the teacher’s assessment, carried out weekly, covering speaking and writing skills.  

The interactive online English language course for ANYONE, from ANYWHERE, using ANY DEVICE -ANYTIME!

Register anytime from any country – weekly intakes available.
Flexible schedule to fit different time zones for students from all over the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.
Advanced, interactive software to enable students from any parts of the world to join the course. No geographical limitations. You can join from anywhere, anytime!
Join the course using any device – all types of phones, laptops, tablets and computers are suitable for the OGE class.
Free placement test to determine your entry level.
Live speaking test.
24-hour online support service.
A free introductory session in your own language to guide you on how to use the software and make the most of your online course.
Regular monitoring of students’ attendance. Records of attendance are available to parents or guardians upon request.

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Here’s what you get on OGE at EMS:

Two daily sessions at one-hour and 40 minutes per session
18 days of continuous online classes
See your teacher and classmates live online
Free online materials, including course books, workbooks and worksheets
Interactive learning through online language platforms, quizzes and games
Consistent homework handed out through Google Classroom
One-to one speaking opportunities in class
Reviews and assessments every fourth day of the class
Two one-to-one 20-minute consultation sessions to help you with any queries and concerns
Teacher evaluation at the end of each term to determine progression to the next level
Video recording of each session to help students who miss class to catch up