Online IELTS Preparation & IELTS Foundation at EMS   

IELTS Preparation: 

There are several ways to prepare for the IELTS exam and one the most convenient ways today is through online classes.  However, each online class may differ individually in many ways, so it is equally important is to find the right class which will give you the best academic guidance and support to achieve your desired goal And that’s what we are here for – at just a click away, our excellent online IELTS course brings you a step closer to achieving your dreams. And a score of Band 6.0 is not impossible, no matter from which part of the world you are joining from! Seriously, you can be anywhere, in any time zonesusing any device, we are always here to guide you towards success. 

Our IELTS online course is strategically designed to help you develop the smart and efficient way of approaching this internationally accepted English proficiency exam from the comfort of your home! And what’s more, we have years of experience delivering the course and have helped so many international students pass the IELTS exam with flying colours! Indeed, our students’ outstanding results speak for themselves.  

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Our highly qualified English language teachers have years of IELTS teaching experience, providing you with the specific skills and techniques needed to succeed in the exam. Through online lectures, interactive tasks and assignments and assessments, you learn the right strategies to approach the different IELTS components. Our teachers will help you to familiarise, strategise, practice and increase your chances of succeeding, getting the score you aim to achieve, or even securing a band  beyond your expectations.  

With a small class size and using state-of-art technology, this highly focussed programme will guide you through the exam requirements, providing rigorous tasks and online assignments designed to meet the IELTS standard.

IELTS Foundation: 

Not ready for the IELTS Preparation Course? Feel like you need to find your way a bit more before you commit to IELTS? No problem! EMS IELTS Foundation can help you gradually build your confidence to consider IELTS as an option. So, before you start your journey into IELTS, we can help you to get familiar with what to expect in the IELTS Preparation course. This helps to give you a solid foundation upon which you build your skills and competencies once you join the IELTS Preparation course online.  

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Who can register for IELTS preparation & IELTS Foundation? 

  • Students who have reached Upper Intermediate level for General English. 
  • Anyone who have reached the above levels from any parts of the world can join 
  • Anyone using any types of phones, laptops or tablets 
  • Those who are resitting for the exam need to have at least 5.00 score in the previous test 

Here’s what you get on the online IELTS at EMS: 

  • A small group of no more than ten students per class, giving  each student opportunities for individual attention from teachers 
  • Two daily sessions at one-hour and 40 minutes per session 
  • 18 days of continuous online classes 
  • See your teacher and classmates live online 
  • Free online materials, including course books, workbooks and worksheets 
  • Interactive learning through online language platforms 
  • Consistent assignments handed out through Google Classroom 
  • One-to one speaking opportunities in class 
  • Reviews and assessments every fourth day of the class 
  • A comprehensive language skills development of reading, writing, speaking & listening as covered in the exams. 
  • Simulated exam practice and feedback sessions 
  • Time management practice 
  • Two one-to-one 20-minute consultation sessions to help you with any queries and concerns 
  • Teacher evaluation at the end of each term to determine progression to the next level 
  • Video recording of each session to help students who miss class to catch up