EMS is pleased to announce the opening of our newest branch in the beautiful Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. The opening ceremony for this branch provided an amazing opportunity for future students, partners, and the team to see the success of the EMS chain. This branch provides a vast number of quality facilities to allow a high standard learning experience for students amongst different ages and needs. EMS Damansara offers a variety of different courses that focus on excelling any existing level of English the student may have.

EMS specialises in Intensive English Classes, Semi-Intensive English Classes, and Speaking Classes for adults which provide a catered program depending on the student’s goals. Business English Course specifically considers the demand within the business atmosphere and provides business professionals with important techniques to allow the learning of the English language through a business scope. Students that have undertaken these classes throughout the years have found this course to be an effective tool to their success in their career paths.

The Damansara branch has a specialised focus in Young Learning English which include Kids English for children between the ages of 6-12. This program provides effective teaching techniques to engage the student stimulating, fun and challenging learning methods to provide them with maximum exposure to their learning potential. These classes are not only effective in their learning journey, but they create a happy and fun environment for the child. Teen Classes engage students in this age group appropriately, it allows them to explore English in an atmosphere of young adulthood preparing them with the correct tools to enter higher education. For students who would like to experience Malaysia and concurrently learn English, our Summer Camp and School Break Camp are an amazing option to get a taste of the amazing facilities EMS and Malaysia has to offer.

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