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EMS Language Centre

The EMS Language Centre (English Made Simple) was founded by Citinetics Sdn. Bhd. to provide English-learning programmes for local and international students at all levels and for all purposes. Its courses are designed to help learners upgrade their English language skills relevant to their personal, professional and academic needs.

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Are you looking to improve your

general English language skills?

Are you looking to improve your general English language skills? Or, is English something totally new to you? Whatever your level of skills and understanding of this international language, our Intensive General English (IGE) is the perfect way to start your English learning journey. Why? Because it designed to suit every level of language development. This is a multi-level course that makes learning language simple for all!

Who is IGE for?
This course is for anyone interested in learning English, whether you’re a beginner, a mid-level learner, or a professional looking to improve your skills for work. No matter your background or proficiency level, the Intensive General English course meets your learning needs and goals.

IELTS Preparation Course

And IELTS Foundation

Passing exams is not just about hard work, but also about preparing well. The IELTS Preparation class is a strategically designed course which will help you to develop the smart and efficient way of approaching this internationally accepted English proficiency exam.

Our highly qualified English language teachers have years of IELTS teaching experience, providing you with the specific skills and techniques needed to succeed in the exam. Through lectures, assessments and tutorials, you learn the right strategies to approach the different IELTS components. Our teachers will help you to familiarise, strategise, practice and increase your chances of succeeding, getting the score you need.

Raising Confidence In Communication

With Speaking Course

Speaking is one of the four communication skills that English language students enjoy participating in. Many are very interested in improving their fluency and on becoming more confident at communicating in English in different situations.

For this reason, EMS has established a Speaking course which responds to the diverse needs of our students. It will give them lots of practice and opportunities to express themselves in English more confidently.

Conducted two hours daily, the Speaking course is a fun and interactive programme that are both enjoyable and inspirational for students at the Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels.

Delivered by qualified and experienced teachers who can support and motivate students to speak better English, the course is aimed at anyone who would like to improve their fluency, accuracy and critical thinking skills.

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