At EMS, We Produce Positive Outcomes through Professionalism and Passion

Learning English at EMS, Malaysia, has been the chosen route time and time again for many students looking for quality English language learning. Our dedicated and caring staff will go that extra mile to help you succeed in your study as well as have an unforgettable experience in Kuala Lumpur. You can expect great hospitality and full support from the moment you arrive and you will soon discover just how much you can learn in and outside the classroom with us.

As a highly professional learning institute, EMS is passionate about success. Indeed, EMS is a popular choice for a growing number of international students seeking to study English in Malaysia because we are committed to:

  • Upholding high PROFESSIONAL standards at all times
  • Being PASSIONATE in our commitments to students’ well-being and success
  • Having a POSITIVE impact on students’ future academic and career pathways

Whatever we do, we do it well and certainly, with our hearts and minds. We think of every possible way to meet the needs and goals of our students, designing each aspect of our services and English language courses to help you fulfill your individual dreams. Our goal is your success!

EMS has had numerous success stories over the years and like those before you, you could be paving your way to success too and prepare for the future. So join us today and discover for yourself just how much we put into creating a fruitful and enjoyable English learning experience for you in Malaysia.

We can make things work for you because we think of everything!

Really, we do! Here’s why EMS is a great place to learn English and improve your communication skills!

1. Learning & Teaching:

Effective Learning:
  • STUDENTS learn according to their individual level of proficiency and progress to higher levels as they pass tests at each level.
  • CLASSES are small, so everyone gets full attention.
  • TUTORS are ever-ready to guide and give extra attention and find solutions together with students.
Effective Teaching:
  • INTERNATIONALLY-RECOGNIZED TEACHING MATERIALS are extensively used to ensure a comprehensive learning process which helps improve all communication skills and develop critical thinking and analytical skills using the English language.
Qualified and dedicated instructors:
  • TESOL/TEFL certified instructors with years of experience in teaching English as a second/ foreign language are dedicated to creating an energetic and creative learning environment to facilitate English language learning in the most effective and enjoyable way.

2. Certificates & IELTS Preparation:

  • THE EMS CERTIFICATE OF STUDY is given to every student on the last day of their learning. It is a validation that you have completed a level/course with EMS.
  • PREPARATION FOR IELTS and other internationally recognized standards – EMS trains students to meet the English proficiency required at tertiary education worldwide. At Level 10 of our course, the English language proficiency of students will be equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 511-529. Once a student achieves a band of 6.5 EMS counsellors are at hand to assist with applications to reputed universities in Malaysia, Canada, Australia and Europe. This university Pathway Program ensures students get the most from their enrolment at EMS.

3. Our Support and Guarantee:

  • ENGLISH ONLY ZONES – at most of the EMS faculty are put in place to encourage and ensure that students converse only in English whilst at the centre. In addition, our extra-curricular activities also facilitate the use of the English language widely whilst you are in Malaysia.
  • OUR GUARANTEE – If your English does not improve at the speed that we think it should, we will provide you with the support and additional lessons you need to reach your target level at no extra charge. (Terms and Conditions apply).

4. Great Facilities:

  • Free WI-FI and LANGUAGE LAB – Your learning experience is made easier and simpler with the use of technology as each classroom has access to on-line resources while some are furnished with smart boards. You can ask to borrow our iPad2 for use on the learning premises. Beside these, our Language/Computer Laboratory will also give you plenty of opportunities for self-study.
  • PRAYER ROOM – this is located in the building for your convenience.
  • CAFES AND RESTAURANTS – you will have plenty to choose from, and most are affordable and offer a diverse range of local and international menu, from breakfast, light snacks to lunch and dinner.

5. Friendly Atmosphere:

  • VIBRANT, RELAXED AND FUN – all our classes are designed to make you speak, read, write and listen in a most engaging way. Our instructors will make sure everyone participates fully in class. Once you gain more confidence, you will be encouraged to join in outside activities which will enable you to practise English language more extensively. Our advisors also run monthly Cool Fridays which include, among other things, movie sessions with students and teachers and paint ball day trips in and around Kuala Lumpur.

University Admissions Consultancy

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