EMS Courses

What are EMS instructors like?

The road to learning starts with a great rapport with the instructors. Our instructors are balances, energetic, and skilled individuals from a variety of nationalities e.g USA, Australia, Africa and Iran.

What are EMS courses offering students?

EMS runs a variety of courses suited to all skill and age levels. Please click here for more information. If you can’t find what you are looking for contact one of our friendly advisors for a custom made course catering to you or your company’s requirements.

What are the differences between IELTS and TOEFL?

The main differences between IELTS and TOEFL are the countries from which they originate IELTS is a UK based exam, while TOEFL is an American based one. Both assess a nonnative students ability to perform the 4 main components of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking! Both IELTS and TOEFL prepare students for their academic life in English.

How big are the classes at EMS?

EMS prides itself in small, personalized classes. We usually have a maximum of 10 students in any one class, which allows instructors to focus on each student and their weaknesses.

When do classes start?

The timetable varies every month due to the number of holidays that need to be allocated for a month. EMS management allows students a few off days so that holidays are well planned.

What should I do if my English is weak?

Please do not worry if your English is very weak. Our advisors are at hand to assist and translate if needed. EMS has a Starter level for students who are COMPLETELY new to the language. You will be placed in this level if your placement test result shows this.

Do I have to pay for my placement test?

No, placement tests are completely free of cost.

What is the minimum period of registration?

For visa purposes students are recommended to apply for 4 months study with a 6 months visa.

What are the benefits of studying in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a wonderful place to learn and achieve anything. The multicultural community in Malaysia will ensure that you practice your English as much as possible. In addition, Malaysia is a vibrant and politically safe country offering students many extracurricular activities and sightseeing.

What is the EMS pathway program? What options are available for me after my studies at EMS have finished?

Many of the top local universities have accredited EMS as a prestigious learning center. Upon completion of the EMS program (i.e levels 4/5) students are able to gain easy access into local universities.

Does EMS provide one to one tutoring?

If you wish to have personalized classes, talk to one of our advisors to assist you.

Applications and Paying of Fees

Is there any age limit when applying to EMS?

Yes, for visa purposes only EMS is only able to cater to students between the ages of 18-35. However, anyone who is in Malaysia with a valid visa is welcome to study with us.

What are the steps to a visa application/registration?

I. Give us your documents
II. Letter of acceptance within 5 working days
III. We send the documents to Ministry of education
IV. MOE process (2-3 weeks) V. Once approval from MOE comes in process is passed to Immigration for visa (2-3 weeks)
VI. Once both approvals are with EMS we post it to you
VII. Take the approval to a Malaysian Embassy in your country and get a sticker to enter Malaysia

What are the documents required for visa purposes?

Please SEND ALL the following documents: 1) One (1) photocopy of applicant’s passport. ALL PAGES including blank pages 2) Certified true copy of latest/highest certificate achieved; The documents must be translated to English 3) Eight (8) copies of passport – sized photographs with blue background

When should I apply?

It is required that you apply at least 45 days before the start date of an EMS term. This ensures you have enough time to the visa, make travel plans, have a safe, and stress free journey to us.

How can I apply/what is the fastest way to apply?

You can come into the center with all your relevant documents or apply online.

Can I reserve a seat for in advance?

Yes! You can. Please fill out the enrollment form or apply online together with the first months tuition fees.

Is there a registration cut off day?

Yes! There is. Usually the first week of the new term is the last date a student can enroll for that term.

Are Credit card payments accepted?

Unfortunately, credit card payments are unacceptable at this moment.

Can tuition be paid in advance or can I pay month by month?

It is advisable to pay your tuition fees in advance as this ensures a place on the course. Monthly payments are not accepted.

Will EMS give me a discount if I join a class later?

No, discounts are available. You are advised to join classes when they start.

Will I receive an acceptance letter?

EMS will email you your acceptance letter.

What is the preferred currency for payment purposes?

To avoid any inconvenience EMS suggests students should carry USD or Ringgit Malaysia.

Visa Fees and Procedure

Visa Application requirements?

The documents that you submit for registration to EMS are used for visa purposes too.

Can I study on my tourist pass?

Yes! You can study on a valid tourist pass. However, please present your passport to one of our advisors for more information.

Validity of visa?

EMS visas are available from 4 months to 1 year.

What happens after the visa application?

The process is quite simple-
I.     Submit your documents for registration
II.    Transfer USD 500 into our account for processing fees.
III.   We will provide you an offer letter and receipt.
IV.   The Ministry of Education takes 10-15 days to approve your application.
V.    Once we receive clearance we will send your application to the Immigration.(this takes 5 weeks)
VI.   Once this is received it will be communicated to you.
VII.  Take your passport to your nearest embassy and get your passport stamped.
VIII. Inform EMS that step VII is taken.
IX.   Book your ticket and get ready to fly.
X.    Inform EMS of your flight details.

What happens if my visa is rejected? What happens then?

If all documents are in order and your visa is rejected (this hardly ever occurs) then EMS will reapply for you.

Will I be allowed to work with a student visa?

Malaysian law does not allow students to work.

Can I study on a Malaysian work permit?

Yes! This is possible but , please check with student advisors.

Other FAQ’s

When should I travel?

You should plan your travel before the session begins. Once you receive an email from us confirming receipt of visa application- add 45 days from that date to arrange your travel.

How much money should I bring to the country?

On average a person spends according to his/her own capacity.
As a guide USD 300 a month apart from tuition and accommodation.

What airport should I fly to?

Most flights arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. However, if your ticket states another airport please inform our advisors.

Is a Letter of Acceptance needed to enter Malaysia?

No, a letter of acceptance is not needed to enter.

Who will pick me up from the airport?

An EMS representative at the airport will meet all students; this person will assist with immigration clearance. If students wish to be picked up by someone they must request for someone to do so by requesting in advance.

How much is an airport pick up service?

Charges for the pickup service is USD 100 per pick up.

What time will I be picked up from the airport?

Airport pickups will only be made during office hour’s i.e from 9-6pm.

Who will find my accommodation?

EMS advisors can help with finding you decent accommodation. There are some options to choose from. Please speak with your advisors and advise them of your budget and style of accommodation.

What will the accommodation be like?

Kuala Lumpur has wonderful accommodation on offer and what you want really depends on you and your budget.

If I’m on a tourist visa, can I open a bank account in Malaysia?

No, tourist visa holders cannot open bank accounts. Student visa holders can, please speak with your advisor to assist.

My country has given me a scholarship, how can I get a letter of acceptance from EMS?

Students can get a letter of acceptance ONLY when they provide EMS advisors with a Letter of Guarantee from their respective Embassy in Malaysia.

How should I apply for a student visa, as a government scholarship student?

The Letter of Guarantee from the Embassy will allow students to enroll as a student at EMS. The visa procedure is the same for all students. However, students will not need to pay any tuition fees only visa fees.

Am I eligible for an EMS scholarship?

EMS offers scholarships to students enrolled for 10 months study and 12 months visa. Please speak with our advisors for further terms and conditions.

EMS Location

Megan Office (HQ)
B-7-2 and B-7-3(Unit 1-5) Megan Avenue 2, Block B, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +603 2181 1219 Megan Office
Email: marketing@ems.edu.my
Damansara Center
A-02-06, Sunway Nexis No.1,Jalan PJU 5/1,Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangore
Phone: +60361518219
Email: info@emsenglish.edu.my
Website: emsenglish.edu.my

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